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Our children are our future

Ignoring their wellbeing is detrimental to our society.


Let's Focus on the child

Enable our children to grow in a healthy school environment where they are included, respected and protected by laws.

Empower children to become self-advocates and participate actively in their care and in projects concerning them.

Create collaborative dynamics between our children and their peers at school and in the community at large.

Let's Focus on the Family

Promote positive parenting and provide parents of children experiencing difficulties with the needed skills.

Enhance parents’ knowledge; equip them with advocacy & empowerment skills.

Let's Focus on the community

Raise awareness among community members regarding children’s mental wellbeing, emotional resilience, and quality learning.

To really tackle and comprehend the scope of the problem and the specific needs of the community through funding research projects.

At least 13% of children worldwide and 25% of those living in the capital of Lebanon suffer from a diagnosable emotional, behavioral or learning problem.

Most common of which are Anxiety and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorders.

Our Vision

To empower and effectively care for children with diagnosable social, emotional, behavioral and learning problems.

Our Mission

To improve the emotional resilience, mental health and learning experiences of children throughout Lebanon by actively engaging with parents, teachers, professionals and policymakers to deliver comprehensive and adequate care for those in need and make it AVAILABLE, AFFORDABLE AND ACCESSIBLE.

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